What are James & Miko up to...

Year 2012

Waps is writing to tell you that he had packed his life & moved!!!
(Life includes his pin-up Queen bees, toys, baseball cap and his bat - all inside the little cardboard box)
as seen in the photo
So Miko & James had no choice
but to move with Waps to his new Nest - email us for details!

Year 2011

Miko has stolen the Pressurized Hydrogen Detonator!!
(The little Martian wants bee-er and Wah-ter to celebrate the PhD... Burning maybe included)

Click to enter the Martian's detonator

Year 2010

Hold on tight! It may not be for the faint heart
Running into your quantum-self is pretty slim in space.
But when it happens, you surely understand what a negative spin from your own perspective feels like and looks like
Oi! Keeping spinning and make sure the shadow part exists and be the opposition.

Once a wise sis warned "7 is the evil year when many couple spin off balance"

Year 2009

What is the relationship between James and a Penguin
(hint: "This is a man, this is a pan. A man and a pan!")
Umm... Miko thinks James should be her pan and her grunt: Pan-grunt. What do you think?

This year, Redcore Consulting Ltd. is found in Vancouver Canada.
All he need is just some business for Miko to spoon from...

All it takes is FOAMS!

Year 2008

Wa!!!! Waps is finally here! Settled! And so did we...
..... we are almost done with our new cosy little place in Vancouver..... Yay!

Year 2007

Waps has a girl-friend!
Her name is Wapsmobile - shiny, flashy and with sexy curves

Year 2006

Lonely, Yellow & Black

Young handsome, Waps, age 5
Adventurous, Wapssy, Friendly, Outgoing, Enjoy occasional beer and hot sausages
Looking for partner to share his Kingdom (the bed)

Interested parties, please call "BUZZ"
to arrange for a spin

Year 2005

Japan trip was the real honeymoon

Year 2005

The new couples moved to the village.
We lived in Leiden a little Town south of Amsterdam for 3 years

Year 2004

We don't expect these are Honeymoon photos. Or were they?




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